B Like Breckenridge Business Partnership

B Like Breckenridge Business Partnership

B Like Breckenridge Business Partnership

The B Like Breckenridge Business Partnership engages local businesses to integrate community-driven responsible stewardship practices within their own operations. As an extension of the award-winning B Like Breckenridge information and marketing campaign, the business partnership will provide additional opportunities for community engagement, empowering businesses, residents and guests to be the best stewards of Breckenridge.

✔️ Champion responsible stewardship practices and receive exclusive benefits from the BTO


The business partnership program celebrates local organizations and their commitment to preserving and protecting the qualities that make Breckenridge a special place to live, work and visit. The BTO will work with participating businesses to incorporate B Like Breckenridge practices within their establishments, highlighting guest touchpoints and visitor education opportunities. Partners will receive advertising discounts in the official Breckenridge Visitors Guide, Town of Breckenridge reusable bags, and one-on-one consultations with the BTO to get the most out of the program.

What is B Like Breckenridge?

You might have heard the radio ads encouraging thoughtful behavior, but B Like Breckenridge is much greater than just giving tips. The B Like Breckenridge campaign is designed to educate guests as well as residents, and invite them to ‘embrace the spirit’, while inspiring long-term stewardship for the community, the environment, and the natural world. Through the creation of the community’s Destination Management Plan, the BTO’s central focus became preserving the quality of life for residents and quality of place for visitors. The B Like Breckenridge campaign is strategically engrained within our guest-facing and local-facing outreach efforts to foster positive behavior through education and understanding.

Awards & Reccognition

In September 2022, the B Like Breckenridge campaign was recognized at the Governor’s Tourism Conference for Outstanding Sustainability Initiative. That same month, B Like Breckenridge was also chosen as a Top 100 Story by Green Destinations, an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that supports sustainable destination development.

Partnership Benefits and Commitments

Partner Benefits
  • The first 20 partners will receive 20% off advertisements in official BTO Visitors Guide (virtual). The next 10 partnerships will receive 15% off
  • 100 free ToB reusable bags
  • One-on-one meeting with BTO CAS Director for consultation of including BLB practices within your business and getting the most out of your partnership with the BTO
  • Your business featured digitally:
      • DMMO Download e-newsletter
      • Breckenridge Welcome Center
      • www.Onebreckenridge.com
      • CAS Facebook page

Partner Commitments
  • $150 annual investment
  • Signed B Like Breckenridge Business Promise
  • QR code/digital distribution of the B Like Breckenridge page and/or visitor guide at your business
  • Inclusion of B Like Breckenridge practices within guest-facing business operations

✔️ Pledge your commitment


As a B Like Breckenridge Business Partner, I promise to uphold and advance the following practices:

1. Demonstrate inclusive practices and seek educational opportunities in my business to promote a healthy, diverse, and supportive work environment.

2. Continually investigate and initiate ways my business can more positively impact the local environment through programs such as Resource Wise, to reduce carbon, energy use, and waste.

3. Support destination management tactics for my business through the inclusion of BLB practices into my guest-facing operations and encourage strategic education for my employees through participation in training programs such as Breck 101 and One Breckenridge.

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