Pre-Arrival Messaging

Pre-Arrival Messaging

The BTO has created a series of content to educate lodging guests on what to expect during their trip to Breckenridge.

How to use Pre-Arrival Resources

We know many lodgers and RBOs already provide guests with inspirational content for their trip. Our pre-arrival content can be supplemented into existing email series or sent as stand alone email to educate guests on what to expect this winter. We know many businesses are hesitant to direct website users off their website and we are providing the email teaser content + blogs on this page for anyone to use. Businesses are welcome to link to us, copy/paste content on their own website and edit content as needed to personalize, maximize guest education, incorporate upsell opportunities, etc.

Canonical Tags

Original content will live on and lodgers using our content will have to set up a canonical tag in their website platform. This tag will let Google know that it’s known duplicate content, credit for the original content and prevent Google from dinging the lodging website for duplicate content.

We know technology and bandwidth can be limiting. If you can only share one thing, link to our What To Know page so guests can receive essential trip planning tips.

Adjust your confirmation email to include How To messaging

Keep guests informed with 4 things they need to know

Email 1: Confirmation Email

Additional info for Confirmation Emails

4 Things To Know Before Visiting

Help guests plan ahead for a better experience

Email 2: Finish Planning Your Trip

Suggested Delivery: 24-48 hrs after confirmation

3 Things To Book To Finish Planning Your Trip

B Like Breckenridge

Download Your Visitor Guide

Helping guests anticipate wait times

Email 3: More Tips For Your Trip

suggested delivery:  1 week or less out from arrival

3 Easy Tips for Adjusting to Breckenridge Altitude

What's Happening During Your Trip

Provide resources that are useful for guests on-site

Email 4: On-Site

Delivery triggered by guest check-in

Don't Have Plans? Try These Activities

How To Go Car-Free In Breckenridge

Local’s Tip: Top Apps For Your Trip

Free Photos


Local businesses are always welcome to use photos from our community photo library: If you are interested in using a specific photo from our website, we can connect you with the photographer to discuss purchasing and usage rights.

Seasonal content information

Winter Specific Content

Getting to and around Breckenridge is easy and convenient due to the variety of transportation options and our easily walkable town.  Consider leaving the driving to the experts by booking a shuttle from the airport to your lodging.

If you are driving or renting a car, ensure your vehicle complies with The Passenger Vehicle Traction Law in effect on the I-70 mountain corridor from September to May.

USAGE NOTES:  Businesses can link to content copy/paste content from or on their own site as long as they use a canonical tag.

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